Admissions for the Academic Year 2021-22 & 2022-23 are open

Inventure Academy is ranked as one of India’s Top 3 schools and offers K-12 education. It is accredited to the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) – IGCSE, A/AS levels.

We welcome applications from students of all nationalities and strive to prepare them for life in a complex, new world. If you and your family share our vision of an education of high achievement, an enjoyment of learning, excellence in sports and the arts, and an appreciation of cultural diversity, then click here to know more about the application and admissions process.


At Inventure Academy, our Core Purpose is ‘to instill in learners the ability and conviction to realise their full potential, be socially responsible citizens and excel anywhere in the world.’ This is a radical departure from the conventional thinking that school is all about test results, memorising from textbooks and a standard application of process and practice for all children.

We look beyond Grade level learning outcomes to build value/empathy based education that focuses on developing 21st century skills: the 5 ‘C’s of Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Character. We challenge and scaffold our Inventurers so that they learn to think critically, work diligently, play fairly and act empathetically. We’ve added two more ‘C’s: Choice (making decisions) and Compassion. Our aim is to encourage every child to be an innovative, responsible and sensitive human being.

Our classes are child friendly, nurturing, open and positively engaged. Our excellent and compassionate teachers work with the evolved curriculum to cultivate higher order thinking skills, encourage innovation and make learning experiential for their students. Our curriculum is built to encompass the rich diversity of the ways children absorb and react to stimuli, relate to others around them, and manifest their intelligence. Our instruction is differentiated to suit the needs of the varied groups of students in our classrooms, and through theme-based and project-based learning modules, students see their learning connect to the world around them.

And, because we believe that education occurs beyond the classroom, we ensure that we spend 40% (in primary school) to 20% (in middle and senior school) of our school day on Beyond Academics, which includes our Wider World programmes, Sports and the Arts. Academic outcomes are important, but holistic development of the child is our commitment.


Inventure’s educational approach is remarkable and unique. Our school year begins with our signature orientation week called ‘Inventuring’, an informal, project-based foundation programme to discover and understand each student’s interests, inclinations, strengths and potential. Our PODs programme consists of mixed age, interest-based learning groups where teachers and students together explore their shared interests and add to their learning.

Students benefit in numerous ways from Project-based learning (Math Celebration of Learning, Primary and Middle School Celebration of Learning), Experiential learning (field trips and guest lectures), the Writing Programme that fosters the emergence of their own voice, Community Outreach, Our Voice Platforms (OSOV, OLOV and Youth Parliament) and through our Changemaker projects. Our Language policy builds our students’ ability to communicate in Indian languages and supports our Community Outreach efforts.

Celebration of Learning (CoL) is a uniquely Inventure approach. Students work with their teacher-mentors, who help them develop their skills of inquiry and research. Scientific inquiry and innovative thinking combine with writing strategies to enable a student to express his/her learning effectively.


The process of feedback starts from Kindergarten. It assesses what the children learn (which includes knowledge, attitude and skills), and celebrates their unique abilities. It guides teachers and parents on where the students need to progress with respect to pre-defined outcomes.

Formal exams are not conducted till Grade 6. Instead, continuous assessment is the basis of all teaching/learning. Teachers conduct written as well as oral assessments to help improve teaching effectiveness and learning quality.

Grade 6 onwards, semester examinations (October and March) are held, in addition to continuous assessments and Mid Term Tests. At this point, assessments begin to follow the patterns expected by the CISCE (ICSE, ISC) and CIE (IGCSE, AS & A LEVELS) boards. Students of Grade 6 to 8 follow a specially designed curriculum that combines the best of both the ICSE and IGCSE syllabi.

Students are encouraged to participate in programmes like Asset Talent Search, and the international Olympiads in different subjects. Inventure students have performed exceptionally in many of these external evaluative tests.

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