Admission Process

The Inventure Academy Admission Process is simple and transparent. It works on the belief that a personal interaction between parents / authorized guardians, the prospective student and the school’s authorized representatives is of far greater value than any conventional admission test. The process is aimed at giving us an insight into the type of education approach and environment you believe would be appropriate for your child to maximize his/her potential, while giving us a glimpse of the child’s strengths, learning needs and potential. It also gives you, as parents / authorized guardians, a first-hand opportunity to obtain an understanding of how our students and faculty engage with each other, our overall offering, curricula and our educational approach.

The admission process begins in September of the previous calendar year. Admissions are granted on a first come first served basis for seats that are available.

The following are the steps in the admission process :


You can make an admission enquiry by:


Once we receive your enquiry, a member of our Community Relations Management (CRM) team will call/email you to take your enquiry forward.

If you are based in Bangalore you can visit school by APPOINTMENT for a tour of our spacious, green, child friendly, safe campus, and an interaction with the CRM team.

In case you are currently not in Bangalore, we can provide any further information through a call or online interaction.

A Virtual Tour


If you feel Inventure Academy is the right fit for your child, you would need to submit the Application Form and other relevant forms and documents that will be shared with you by the Community Relations team member after receiving your admission enquiry. For your information, the following forms and documents are required:

  • One photograph of your child
  • A copy of your child’s Birth Certificate
  • Your child’s academic records / transcripts for the last 3 years (if applicable)
  • Your child’s co-/extra-curricular records/achievement certificates, if any
  • Your child’s Transfer Certificate from his/her previous school
  • If your child is not an Indian citizen, a copy of his/her visa / permit


Once we receive all the required documents from you, and based on the Section of school your child is applying to, the CRM team will schedule meetings with members of the team and/or arrange for Placement Tests to help us understand your child’s grade readiness.

Pre K to Grade 5

You and your child will meet with at least one evaluating teacher, and the Head of Kindergarten & Primary School.

Grades 6 to 9

Your child will take placement tests for English, Mathematics, Science and Second Language to evaluate grade appropriate academic competence.
This will be followed by an interaction with the Head Middle & Senior School/Principal.

Grade 11 (AS Levels)

Students applying for admission to Grade 11 at Inventure will be required to take a Placement Test in English. This will be followed by an interaction with Head Middle & Senior School/Principal.


Once the Head of School/principal approves of admission, an offer for admission will be made via an email by the CRM team member. Parents will need to confirm acceptance and pay the required fee within the stipulated time.
(Please note that Grade 11 admission will be provisional until Board results are declared and subject to meeting the eligibility criteria).

Subject Options for Grade 9 & Grade 11

If you have any questions about our Admission Process, please email us at: [email protected]

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