INCULCATING A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: Inventure Academy is ranked among the Top Co-ed Day Schools in India in the EducationWorld - C fore survey 2019, the most extensive schools evaluation survey worldwide. In 2019-20, we are ranked #3 in India (up from #4 2018-19 and up from #9 in 2017-18), and #2 in Karnataka and Bangalore (up from #3 in 2017-18).

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InvHack2020 – Inventure’s first Hackat...

In the words of our school captain Sahil Kuchlous: “InvHack 2020 saw over 40 students from schools all over Bangalore and Ooty participating in the event. It was great to see our work come together in such an amazing way. It was also incredible to see the spirit of collaboration throughout the event - teams were always open to helping each other out. Students from grades 9-12 were creating innovative solutions to various problems throughout the 24-hour span. The winning team from Inventure, 405 Found made an app which identified and provided information on plants and animals in nature just by taking a picture. This idea was very novel, and more importantly, had a lot of potential impact on education for low-income students. And this was just one of the amazing ideas that the teams came up with. The other winners were 2nd place: aMAISing kids from Mallya Aditi, where the 3rd place was a tie between Etwas from Oakridge High School and Commucodaz from Greenwood High. We, the organizing team, also learnt a lot from this experience. We helped students throughout the night with their problems and guided and mentored them in different aspects. We also learned how to organize events on this scale, and how to handle the various aspects that go into such events, such as logistics and publicity. Our biggest takeaway from this event was the power that the youth have in today's day and age. We are a generation that is willing to put our skills to use, tackling the most urgent issues the world has to offer. To us, InvHack 2020 was clear evidence of that. We hope that the teams who came to the event take their ideas forward, and plan to continue organizing events like these in the future.”

Aditya Kolisetti Grade 12 penned a warm, sensitive...

As defined, Teaching is the process of tending to people’s needs, choosing to intervene so that they learn new things, so that one is driven to yearn for success, and go beyond the given. And like the oaks of a forest, they stand straight against the breeze to help these fragile saplings bloom into the canopy. But these seedlings too are mighty, and will soon also toil for the next generation of those beneath the soil. And as we grow into the ground, as our leaves greet shades of green we may also provide support for another to try and lean upon the sturdy frame that we have built to hold strong upon loose sand and silt. Regardless of person, purpose or plight, each one can extend their arms to add verdant might to the umbrella of emerald that forms a safe space for new growth out of the ignorant wastes. So if each one of us can help, then we all may be teachers of our own, part of these tall great trees that hold the shade of shelter for all those beneath and truly attend to all we see.

Inventure hosts Southern Regional finals F1 in Sch...

On Sunday 3 March 2019 Inventure Academy Campus witnessed over 200 students coming in to participate in the Southern Regional Finals F1 in Schools™ Challenge. We were the venue partners of the World’s Largest STEM Based Technology Challenge where school students aged between 9-19 years design miniature F1 in Schools™ cars using CAD/CAM tools followed by manufacturing their designs on a CNC machine. Out of 45 teams that registered, the top 10 teams qualified for the Nationals. Six of the top 10 teams are Inventure Academy teams. We also bagged the following awards: Team Sponsorship & Marketing Award- Crimson Trail Blazers Best Scrutineering - Firebolts Chair of Judge- Special Mention - Flaming Nightingales Fastest Car - Flaming Nightingales Team Identity Award- Fusion 1 Pit Display - Tornado of Souls Knockout Winners- The Vision 2nd Runners Up - Vision 1st Runner Up - Frictionless The Nationals will take place in Delhi in April '

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Inventure Academy declared ‘Best School’ at K...

On 11 January 2019, Kidovators hosted the biggest Unconference in the field of K-12 Education in India -the Future of Learning Unconference 2019. Over 80 educationists from the world of education came together in Bangalore to discuss, debate and deliberate on the best practices of 21st century education for schools, principals, teachers and, most importantly, students. As part of the Unconference, the Kidovators Olympiads Grand Finale was hosted where top performing students of the Kidovators Creativity & Critical Thinking Olympiads competed for the top honors. Inventure Academy was presented the ‘Best School Award 2018’ along with a cash prize of INR 1 lakh. A total of 348 schools and 32,000+ students participated in the Olympiads, with 104 students making it to the finals. Here is a list of our outstanding performers:  
Names Class Category Rank
Sonali Senthil 8 Creativity 1
Aditya Narayan 6 Critical Thinking 1
Manas Singh Bhati 9 Creativity 1
Aseem Singru 9 Critical Thinking 1
Manas Singh Bhati 8 Critical Thinking 2
Kavin Shanmugan 8 Critical Thinking 2
Aseem Singru 9 Creativity 2
Eshwaran Krishnan 9 Creativity 2
Eshwaran Krishnan 9 Critical Thinking 3
Mudit Verma 8 Creativity 3
Dishita Bajaj 5 Critical Thinking 4
Abhinav Aman Vallur 7 Critical Thinking 4
Arjun Partha 7 Creativity 4
Students who ranked #1 rank were awarded scholarships worth INR 11, 000; those ranked #2 were awarded INR 6,000; and those that ranked #3 were awarded INR 3000.  

Inventure Academy: Graduation Ceremony for Class o...

Inventure Academy: Graduation Ceremony for Class of 2019 & Moving Up Ceremony for Grade 10 The Graduation Ceremony for Inventure’s Class of 2019 was tinged with nostalgia as we celebrated their years at Inventure. The evening also included celebrating our Grade 10 students Moving Up Ceremony into their senior most years at Inventure. Our Chief Guest for the event was Dr. Sumer Singh, alumnus of Doon School and St Stephen’s College. He has headed some of India’s leading schools, including Daly College, Daly College Business School Indore, and Lawrence School Sanawar; and also served as Founder Director of the Asian School. Dr Singh was effusive in his praise of what Inventure has accomplished and is continuing to do in the field of education, and pronounced it the number one school in preparing and equipping its students for the 21st century. Our special guests for the evening included Mr Irfan Razack, Chairman of Inventure and Chairman & Managing Director of the Prestige Group, and Inventure Trustees, Mrs Nafees Fazal and Mr Hassan Fazal. Parent speakers Mr. Vihari Komarigiri, Mr. Deepak Kandwal, Ms. Preet Aaron Benjamin and Inventure Trustee Mrs. Nafees Fazal were engaging and insightful, encouraging our graduates to step into the wider world as confident change makers, while Ananya Parthasarathy and Roshni Ganesh from the graduating class took us down memory lane. We also had lively performances from our school choir and band, and dances by students of Grades 4 & 5. The ceremony closed with a song performed by our graduates and a video encapsulating their years at Inventure. We wish our graduates the very best for college and beyond! [gallery columns="3"][gallery columns="4"]

Inventure Academy wins ‘Best School Award’ at ...

Inventure Academy was presented the 'Best School Award’ at the Kidovators Creativity & Critical Thinking Olympiad 2018-19. We were also awarded a cash prize of INR 1,00,000. Here is how our students fared at the All India Level:  
Names Grade Category Rank
Dishita Bajaj 5 Critical Thinking 4
Aditya Narayan 6 Critical Thinking 1
Abhinav Aman Vallur 7 Critical Thinking 4
Arjun Paartha 7 Creativity 4
Mudit Verma 8 Creativity 3
Kavin Shanmugan 8 Critical Thinking 2
Sonali Senthil 8 Creativity 1
Manas Singh Bhati 9 Creativity 1
Manas Singh Bhati 9 Critical Thinking 2
Assem Singru 9 Creativity 2
Aseem Singru 9 Critical Thinking 1
Eshwaran Krishnan 9 Creativity 2
Eshwaran Krishnan 9 Critical Thinking 3

Thrilling achievements at the Annual Athletics Mee...

The atmosphere has been electric at the Sports field today with lots of wins - individual and Houses! Nurturers top the table with 358 points, Venturers, a close second, with 352 points, Inventors with 274 points and Adventurers with 203 points. Congratulations to the winners!   HOUSE CHAMPIONSHIPS
Place House Points
1 Nurturers 358
2 Venturers 352
3 Inventors 274
4 Adventurers 203
Division Boys/Girls Name House Points
1 Boys Musa Akhib Syed Inventors 8
1 Girls Niesha Shetty Inventors 16
2 Boys Arnav Dinesh Adventurers 15
2 Girls Mrinaalini Ramya Mohan Nurturers 20
3 Boys Satvik Sridhar Nurturers 11
3 Girls Tara Srinivasan Venturers 18
4 Boys Siddharth Kondur Menon Inventors 13
4 Girls Stuthi Kaveriamma Venturers 19
5 Boys Abhinav Aman Vallur Venturers 16
5 Girls Shenell Maria D'Souza Nurturers 15
6 Boys Nicholas Daniel Whabi Venturers 18
6 Girls Advaita Dubey Nurturers 28
7 Boys Adi Agarwal Venturers 16
7 Girls Armani Vikram Nurturers 26
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Art Exhibition

The field trip was really an eye-opener for me. The curator was really engaging and was really interesting to talk to and hear from. He spoke about how he selected the works for the exhibit and about sales of artwork and valuation. Those topics really interested me, as I was not very well informed in the business aspect of art. The exhibit itself was very interesting. We spent a lot of time on the first floor, where the sculptures and the more abstract art was present. I learned a lot about abstract expressionism and developed even more respect for the style and artists. The third floor, with the more traditional pieces, was jaw-dropping. Although there was more traditional art, the concepts and the art itself seemed abstract to me. For example, this piece by Ashu Gupta which really amazed me – While traditional, the concept itself seems abstract. I realised the importance of a concept. A meaningful concept makes the artwork even more appealing and rich. All in all, the most important thing I learnt in this field trip is that art has to have a subtle, honest meaning. If that's absent, no matter how technically perfect the artist is, the art will never be historical or world changing. That's what separates good art from great art. By Anjali Mallmpooty (10 ICSE)

192 Inventurers qualify for ASSET Talent Search (A...

  A very proud moment for Inventure as these students have competed against 400,000 students across the country and scored in the top 10%! This places our students in the 90th percentile of ASSET test takers across 908 schools in 275 cities!. These results are on the basis of their performance in the ASSET test held in December 2017. The list of students can be found below:

Grade 4

S.No Student's name S.No Student's name
1 Aadi Gupta 29 Kaveesha H Lalchandani
2 Aaditya V Krishnan 30 Kayli Maini
3 Aadiv B Thomas 31 Krisha Vaishnav
4 Aanika A Feagans 32 Krishnav Hanumanthu
5 Aarush Kumar 33 Lasya M Varma
6 Aashi Tiwari 34 Mia Bhat
7 Aashni Mangal 35 Naisha K Ruvala
8 Aayush K Dutta 36 Nivedita Rajendra
9 Aditi K Reddy 37 Nylah Nalwad
10 Aditya Marhwal 38 Ojus Mehndiratta
11 Ahil A Ansari 39 Rhianna Nambiar
12 Amaira P Jhaveri 40 Riddhi Atri
13 Aditya Marhwal 41 Rohan Vasal
14 Ankita Padiyar 42 Samar V Mehta
15 Arvin K Madhava 43 Samarth V Singh
16 Arya Kenghe 44 Samit R Vudathala
17 Ashish Gupta 45 Sanjana Gore
18 Ashna A Yadav 46 Sarayu Yerrapragada
19 Athrv Kaul 47 Shivani N Khandavilli
20 C Mario Angelus 48 Siddhant Mukherji
21 Dhriti D Purkayastha 49 Suhani D Sharma
22 Diya Balamurugan 50 Surabhi Parthasarathy
23 Ekaansh Balaji 51 Tarun Shanmugam
24 Hyunjoon A HN 52 Tejal K Rekhi
25 Ishaan N Yathiraj 53 Varun Venkataraman
26 Jay Mishra 54 Yash Parekh
27 Jiya M Zaveri 55 Zaaria Vinay
28 Karthik Viswanath

Grade 5

S.No Student's name S.No Student's name
1 Aaditi P Bhat 25 Mehek Mishra
2 Aarav Mittal 26 Mishka Bhandary
3 Aarya M Nair 27 Naman Jain
4 Aditya Narayan 28 Nishita R Pagaku
5 Advait A Attavar 29 Noemi A Ladak
6 Advit Arora 30 Purna Vivek
7 Aksh Prabhu 31 Raghav Mittal
8 Akshay K Iyer 32 Raghavan Satish
9 Aman Wakankar 33 Samavedh S Chimote
10 Amartya L Saldanha 34 Samrud R Reddy
11 Ameya M Mundkur 35 Sandhya Sundar
12 Ananya A Nair 36 Sanjana Devineni
13 Anirudh H Seethamsetti 37 Shinjani Saraswat
14 Anirvin Sri Rajavatchava 38 Shreya Sachin
15 Arjun Yadav 39 Sia Thilakar
16 Arnav R Aggarwal 40 Siddhanth Saravanan
17 Auric Paul 41 Siddharth K Menon
18 Ayush Roychowdhury 42 Sreekari M Pingali
19 Emma S Augustine 43 Srivatsan Sudhir
20 Gautam Bhatia 44 Thea C Fernandez
21 Harsh A Bajaj 45 Udaiyan Bhan
22 Kavya Murugan 46 Urvi N Murgude
23 Kavya Nema 47 Ved M Bhatt
24 Laasya Puranam 48 Vishnu Arun

Grade 6

S.No Student's name S.No Student's name
1 Aamani Bommareddy 23 Neve Bangalore
2 Aarin A Diwate 24 Nimali Krishnakalyan
3 Aarya R Baid 25 Nitya S Nair
4 Abhinav A Vallur 26 Nivransshu S Tanwar
5 Aditya R Sundar 27 Om Mehta
6 Advika Srinivasan 28 Parijat Arun
7 Anoushka Vasal 29 Pratyush P Mittal
8 Anushka P Garimella 30 Prithviraj Singh
9 Arjun Paartha 31 Rakshan Pandian
10 Arshiya Bhasin 32 Rehaan Gore
11 Arushi C Patel 33 Rhea C Misquith
12 Ayaan S Ayatu 34 Rohan Senthil
13 Gia C Gupta 35 Sahil K Dalal
14 Isa Sarfaraz 36 Samar R Baskar
15 Johann J Ullattil 37 Samhitha Prasanna
16 Krishi Reddem 38 Sanskriti H Mohan
17 Krishn Gupta 39 Sayan Dahiya
18 Kriti S Maturu 40 Srishti Sudharsan
19 Kunzes D Choudhry 41 Treia Menon
20 Megha Mudakkayil 42 Varun A Sathe
21 Mihika Gupta 43 Vivin Anand
22 Neelesh Mishra

Grade 6

S.No Student's name S.No Student's name
1 Aayush P Bhat 24 Mudit Verma
2 Adhvik Rai 25 Nayantara B Chandrasekhar
3 Akshat Agarwal 26 Neha Srinivas
4 Akul Jindal 27 Niharika T Asokan
5 Anindita Roy 28 Nikhil R Mehrotra
6 Anubhav Bhattacharya 29 Nishant Katragadda
7 Arnav Sharma 30 Pragya Bhatt
8 Ashna Jain 31 Priyanka R Panga
9 Bidipto Chatterjee 32 Raashi D Parekh
10 Devashree P Gupta 33 Rahul Thomas
11 Dhanishtaa Sivaraj 34 Rushil Dosi
12 Dhanya Kolisetti 35 Saachi N Bhasin
13 Dhruv Pandey 36 Shreya Mittal
14 Diya Gore 37 Siddha S Chimote
15 Gunjan Lodha 38 Siddhant A Attavar
16 Jaswik Poorna 39 Simone Thimmaiah
17 Joe P Alapat 40 Sonali Senthil
18 Kannika Murthy 41 Ssameer D Reilard
19 Kavin Shanmugam 42 Sunidhi S Ayyagari
20 Keshav P Shylesh 43 Surya Lakavalli
21 Keshav Panicker 44 Treesha D Chhabria
22 Kriti G Bhargava 45 Trisha M Pereira
23 Mrunmayi Kamerkar 46 Tzaara Jauhar

Middle School Celebration of Learning

Three months of hard work, collaboration, exploration and perseverance, culminated on 31 August when Middle Schoolers presented their projects to their parents and teachers at the Celebration of Learning. The students showcased around 50 projects centred around ‘interconnectedness’, the theme for this year’s CoL. They were ably guided by 12 mentors. The event reflected student learning on not just a variety of subjects which they researched on, but also helped them learn how to design and develop their projects. They also learnt important life skills such as working as a team, dealing with failure, planning for success, delegation and collaboration. Grade 7 Inventurer Adhir V Balaji while speaking about his experience said, “We learn that failure is the key to success. We had to research again and again and do the same thing again and again, to finally get the solution.” “Education is a way of equipping people to answer the questions we already have. None of these questions come packaged into Maths, Science and English. It’s a combination of all these things. Using these tools to understand these questions and answer them better is a very necessary step,” said Prasanth Sistla, an Inventure faculty member. Watch the video Celebration of Learning