Beyond Academics

At Inventure, excellence is measured in many ways. Academics is just one. Our Core Purpose envisages an environment and an education where every child’s unique talent and potential to excel is nurtured. And so, our integrat ed curriculum blends sports, the creative arts, community service and other life skill programmes with book-based lessons. It is a culture that inspires creativity, and goes right to the heart of real learning that is lifelong. Critical thinking and verbal skills are tremendously shaped by such activities, and in tune with Inventure’s philosophy of catalyzing curiosity. In a complex new world, young people need just such an education to excel socially, emotionally and professionally. In fact, this idea is enshrined in our very vision which states ‘Each learner will excel both academically and in one chosen co-curricular activity, and be prepared for life.’ Our Beyond Academics programmes are carefully designed to help form strong, capable individuals who face challenges head on. Through what are literally fun and games, they develop their interpersonal, leadership and communication skills. In an atmosphere of healthy competition, learners discover and showcase individual talents, pursue special interests, work in collaboration and achieve what they previously thought was impossible. Self-discovery is the wonderful side effect.
Changemaker Program
The Inventure Changemaker Program is designed to create a cadre of socially responsible citizens who can advocate, lead and influence social and environmental change. High school learners from Inventure use entrepreneurial and design innovations and technology to impact positive change in their neighbourhoods and beyond. A community of academic experts, parent-entrepreneurs & activists, Inventure management and faculty runs the programme. Learners have designed solutions that include crowdsourcing information on the quality of our water and rejuvenation of our water bodies, solutions towards our traffic woes, exploring social and environmental issues pertinent to today’s youth, improving learning in Government Schools (thus reducing the school dropout rate) through the use of technology and more. The Change Maker Program develops a visible self-belief and passion for making a difference among learners. It gives them that crucial glimpse of how the problems that plague society can be resolved; that change might be slow, but it is not impossible.
Changemaker Challenge
Inventure Academy has thrown open the idea of change-making and positive action to high school learners from other schools and communities. At the latest Challenge, 48 teams of high school learners from across Bangalore submitted their exciting and fresh ideas and proposals to make a dent in socio-economic and environmental issues the city is facing.

Inventure Academy and Roundsquare

Inventure is a Roundsquare member school. Roundsquare is an internationally diverse network of 200 schools in 50 countries on 6 continents. Our partnership with Round Square offers our learners the chance to grow through participation in Regional and International Conferences and Learner Exchanges. It also gives us the opportunity to offer the ‘Inventure Way’ to other member schools. in 2018, we hosted the Round Square Youth Parliament – Our World, Our Voice. The conference was conceptualised by Inventure Academy to equip children with the Right to Participate* in the world that they are inheriting and to enable them to be positive change makers. This is an idea that blends the Model United Nations with Model Parliament simulations, giving children a chance to be change-makers in a high level interchange between nations. Delegates witness the journey of resolutions passed in the UN General Assembly and UNESCO to a nation’s Parliament. They participate as delegates of the Model United Nations General Assembly or the Model UNESCO, or as members of the Model (Indian) Parliament – Model Lok Sabha or Model Rajya Sabha. This five day event from 15 to 19 August 2018 was held at Inventure’s campus on Whitefield-Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.164 learners from eight schools across India participated in this event. Inventure conducted a series of workshops by leading experts in various fields, including, cyber security, media & communications, law making, design thinking and data analytics. Inventure learners are gathering insights from 5000 learners across the country on the issues they face online and what help they need from parents, government, schools, and media. We will translate findings from the surveys into a data-backed, evidence-based charter to present to the Government and the United Nations.

Our goals for the children are:
  •  Achieve important wider-world skills, like communication, collaboration, conflict resolution and negotiation
  •  Appreciate the interconnectedness of the world and how it impacts both problems and solutions – to empathize with others and take a 360 degree view of the problems of all stakeholders
  •  How to gain knowledge of how laws are made and how citizens can have an impact, and coming up with lawmaking solutions that work for all important stakeholders
  • The importance of media and responsible use of social/media

*(guaranteed by Article 12 of the UNCRC)

Inventure Model United Nations

The Model United Nations (MUN) is an excellent way for children at Inventure to engage with the dynamics of international politics, and get an insight into the principles that govern diplomatic conflict resolution between countries around the world. Besides giving them an understanding of the realities and inner workings of current global and local issues, the simulation helps to enhance negotiation, communication, research and critical thinking skills tremendously among participating learners. Learners don the hats of actual ‘delegates’ of countries to discuss problems plaguing the nations of the world learning the elements of diplomacy and negotiation along the way. Inventure learners have won more than 30 awards at local, national and international MUN meets. At the Harvard Model United Nations, Hyderabad, we won the Best Delegation Award, and in Beijing we received the Outstanding Delegation Award. Participating in the MUN generates awareness of current events and builds confidence in learners, creating a generation of passionate thinkers who are committed citizens of the country and the world. To keep itself relevant, MUN has moved beyond just the traditional committees of the UN, and continually reinvents itself. At Inventure, we work with this dynamic model successfully. In recent years, we have developed our own model of learner-led conferences by integrating the Indian Parliament and State local bodies into what we call the Inventure Youth Parliament. Thus learners have opportunities for debate and dialogue on not only international agendas, but also on

MUN Achievements by Inventure :
  • Bangalore MUN, Bangalore, winners in 2010, 2011,2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015
  • The International School Bangalore (TISB) MUN, Bangalore, winners in 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2020
  • SISMUN, Chennai winners in 2010
  • Ivy League, Delhi and Bangalore, winners in 2017 & 2019
  • Sarla Birla MUN, Bangalore, winners in 2017
  • Doon School MUN 2021
  • Harvard MUN winners 2014 to 2019, 2020 and 2021
  • WEMUN, Beijing, winners in 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019

Participated and won in the MUN Refugee Challenge 2020 organised by UNHCR in which 20000 students from 80 countries participated. INMUN won the Best MUN award in the category Access to Education for Refugees and our resolution was selected as one of the 8 winning ideas from across the world, that was shared with policymakers during the High Commissioner’s Dialogue on Protection. 

Wider World Programmes

A child’s mind is open to multiple stimuli. At Inventure, we ensure that from early on, our learners are enriched by a breadth of exposure to the real world. Readying them to step out into the multilayered environment of the 21 st century with confidence, relevant life skills and a commitment to bettering society. This is what the Wider World Programme is all about: learning for life, not for passing an exam.Through internships, and guest lectures, they experience the diversity of work and professional environments. Through the Changemaker program they discover positive impact-making. Workshops are a fount of learning of different types. The field trips and outbound programmes nudge them to challenge themselves in unfamiliar settings. And the MUN and Round Square Youth Parliament are the perfect vehicle for children to understand the plurality of opinions, perspectives, life choices, inequalities and knowledge that today’s world contains.

Outbound Programmes

At Inventure, we are constantly nudging our learners to make discoveries about the world and indeed, themselves. Outbound trips are a wonderful way for our children to do this, and also learn life skills through pure experience. Our partner for adventure-based learning is INME which designs modules and trips with a theme for each grade. In Class 4 , when children are away from their parents for the first time, the focus is on building confidence and awareness of self and your strengths. The next year, there is a smooth segue into teamwork as a theme – and so on progressively. The trips are a remarkable exercise in character building, offering opportunities for children to try new things and express themselves in a safe, protected environment.


Complusory for learners of Grades 10-12, the Inventure Academy internship programme fosters leadership, interpersonal skills and a glimpse of real-world work. Nothing prepares learners for working life and choosing careers better than immersion into an actual workplace, and our programme offers placements in a variety of sites. These include professional, educational, and cultural institutions; community service organizations; legal and medical offices; businesses; arts organizations; and professional performance groups. What each learner takes home, besides a letter of recommendation, is a unique and irreplaceable experience, a glimpse into a possible career, touching upon leadership and interpersonal skills, all of which give solid direction and focus to their goals.

Some of the companies our learners interned at in 2020-2021 are listed below:
  • Acuity Knowledge Partners
  • Amber hearing solutions
  • ANSR Consulting
  • Ather Energy
  • Autophagy Lab at JNCASR, Blr
  • Bangalore Political Action Committee
  • Browntree consulting
  • Civic Studios
  • Clairco
  • Covid Fit Club
  • DKP Architects & Designers
  • Design Studio Head – Boston Consulting Group
  • Design Works/ Covie Ventures
  • DoNew – Quest internship
  • Dua Associates
  • Ebay India
  • Ericsson
  • Fireside ventures
  • FoxMandal consulting
  • Hindustan Times
  • Inverted Prism
    • Cell Biology
    • International Relations
    • Law
    • NASA
    • Psychology
    • Robotics
  • Inverted Prism – Data Science
  • MV Rajeev Gowda
  • Mobilise Asia Africa (Kamal Krishna)
  • Mu sigma
  • Mundkur Law Partners
  • MyBy – Community Commerce
  • Mynvax Laboratories at IISC Bangalore
  • People For Animals
  • Price Waterhouse and Cooper
  • Purplefront Technologies
  • Quantum consumer solutions
  • Quest alliance
  • RatnyaTraya Investment Firm
  • Redseer Management Consulting
  • Research Assistant at UNC Kenan Flagler Business School
  • Resolve
  • SolEco Consortium
  • Store Hippo
  • Team Indus
  • Techno Specialist Consulting Engineers
  • The SportsRush
  • Triage advisors
  • Unheard
    • Law mentorship
    • Pharmacology mentorship
  • Uniwealth investment consultants
  • WNU Investment Services
  • WRI
  • We The Young (Oxfam)
  • Yodaplus
  • Zero Gravity
  • Zivame
Some of the companies our learners interned at in 2019-2020 are listed below:
  • Agadi Hospital
  • Agastya International Foundation
  • Alphonso Inc
  • Apple- Marketing and sales
  • Ashwa Mobility Foundation
  • Assentio Legal
  • Buzon Pedestials
  • CSE
  • Capgemini
  • Center for Sports Excellence – management
  • Chhoti si Asha
  • Cividep
  • Columbia Asia, Whitefield
  • Cracker and Rush
  • Crest Law Partners
  • Dataval – Editing and Cinematography
  • Dentalign Orthodontics
  • District of Vaishali
  • Dr. Norma’s Homeopathic Clinic – Accounting and Stocking
  • Ensyde (NGO)
  • Fastah – software interfacing
  • Foley Designs
  • Foley Designs
  • Football Club Bengaluru United
  • Fortis hospital
  • Fortune hotel – ITC group
  • Foundation for the Realization of Economic Empowerment Zambia
  • Gandhi Medical Hospital Hyderabad
  • Hippocampus
  • Hope centre for autism
  • INK Talks
  • Infinite Souls – theatre
  • IoTracX – digital marketing
  • Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre
  • Kale Nele
  • Mindtree
  • Moonraft Innovations
  • Mu Sigma
  • My OCD Fighter
  • NCBS
  • PARI – People’s Archive of Rural India
  • Plastic Water Labs
  • Prameya Health
  • Puma
  • Red Barron
  • Rezonant Designs
  • Sandeepani Academy of Excellence
  • Satliva
  • Shadowing Olympic Althete Trainer from Jamaica, Pune
  • State Health Society
  • Stem Cell Registry of India
  • Team Indus
  • Teen Turks
  • Tekizma
  • The Sunshine Stage
  • Victoria Hospital
  • nSmiles – mental health and wellness centre
Guest Lectures

Interacting with and hearing from inspirational achievers and experts in different fields can change a young person’s perspective for life. Inventure Academy has regular talks by such eminent persons for our learners. Children find inspiration from people’s life stories, what challenges they face and how they overcome them. Some learners extend this opportunity by finding mentors or internship opportunities with visiting experts. Speakers in the past have included Zai Whittaker (naturalist, author of children’s books), cricketer Kapil Dev, (former Indian cricket captain), Digivijay Singh (pro golfer), Rajeev Gowda (politician, IIMB Professor), MD Nalapat UNESCO Peace Chair & former editor of TOI), Mr Srikanth Nadamuni (Co-Founder & Managing Trustee of eGovernments Foundation) and Vinod Nambiar, (CEO, Position 2, the on-line marketing firm).

We have also had the privilege of hearing and interacting with Dr. Howard Gardnher, the founder of the Multiple Intelligences Theory in 2012.

Empathy Programme

The quality of empathy can be developed, practised and even taught. Our Empathy Programme instills integrity and encourages sensitivity in our children.

The Inventure Academy Middle School Empathy Program has been created to develop a deeper understanding of empathy in learners resulting in a generation of responsible citizens and respectful relationships.

The Empathy Program has two parts:

  • The Teacher Led Learning portion which is conducted during school hours on Fridays and is in the time-table
  • An Independent Community Service portion to provide learners an opportunity to give of themselves.

A few examples:

  • Learners painted walls to brighten the pediatric waiting room at NIMHANS
  • Learners held a book drive in their community to to benefit their neighbourhood government school
  •  A Grade 6 learner adopted a puppy and took care of it for a week until it found a permanent home.
Field Trips & Excursions

Our firm belief in experiential learning, exposure to diverse influences and fuelling a sense of discovery and curiosity among our children all comes together in our field trips. Learners visit local or outstation sites that have relevance to their curriculum in an interdisciplinary way, but also feed into their holistic development as individuals. They see practical applications of classroom contexts. We build lesson plans around these visits and guide learners to reflect upon their learning as a follow up, which builds long-lasting impressions. Teachers (and sometimes parent- volunteers) always accompany such groups and take charge of the arrangements, safety and well-being of the group. Bonding, sharing and collaboration are the positive values they imbibe, as well having a lot of fun. Some of the places our learners have visited include government schools, animal rehab centres, the National Gallery of Modern Art, and other art exhibits and museums, Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore School of Speech and Drama, Meterological Office, the HMT Watch Museum, the National Centre for Biological Sciences and more. With INME children go on treks and adventures and test all their boundaries.

Community Outreach

Our learners acquire the values of compassion, caring and empathy right from Kindergarten. They also imbibe a sense of social responsibility very early on. These ideas translate into an understanding of the diversity of lives and creating solutions to enable communities. Community outreach in the form of engaging with government schools and fundraising is built into the curriculum at every level. In Primary School, children have an exchange programme with government schools and spend time in each other’s schools. From Class 1 – 8, children raise funds for various causes in the community like orphanages and initiatives like ‘Adopt a Tiger’. Learners from Grade 9-12 work closely with select government schools to run fun projects based on hands-on learning mainly in the areas of English and computer technology. All gross proceeds from the Annual Musical Production go towards our community outreach efforts.

This year, Inventure Academy has adopted Ramagondanahalli Government School with a vision to transform the current school into a model English-medium Government School. In partnership with the Department of Public Instruction, Government of Karnataka, we intend to improve the quality of education in the school and explore a sustainable way of scaling up the ‘Inventure way of teaching-learning’, setting it up as a blueprint to share with other public schools and organizations.

Arogya Bhagya is a health camp event for neighbourhood government schools. A day-long event, it took place at the Inventure campus and catered to over 300 learners from these government schools. The event saw doctors and volunteers from the Inventure community volunteering their time and expertise to provide medical screening and create medical records (or Kahaaniyans) for these less privileged learners.

On Sunday, the 18th of August 2019, some of our learners and faculty volunteered their time at SuVitas. SuVitas is the leading provider of inpatient transition care facilities that enables individuals to ‘Live Again’. Sundays @ SuVitas is an initiative taken to provide an atmosphere where the residents, their families and speakers come together with cumulative efforts and wellness and motivational speakers are encouraged to share their experiences which would motivate/inspire our residents and their families(care givers) to accept the path they have undertaken for recovery and not give up.

Our learners and faculty sang songs and played soothing music for the residents.

For the last three years, we have also contributed by enabling the Football program run by JustForKicks at Government schools across Bangalore. We hosted the School Football Championship (SFC) for Government schools in Bangalore in 2016, and last year, we hosted JustForKicks’ entire Bangalore League and National finals at our campus (running from November 2018 to January 2019). We opened up our facilities for over 800 children from government Schools and provided transport for these learners from various locations across Bangalore.

Emotional Well Being

The world today is replete with personal, professional and social pressure. We conduct life skills sessions and workshops that prepare our learners for various situations, from everyday life in Primary School, to the difficult middle school years, and for college and beyond for our senior learners. From emotional issues to abuse, from cyber etiquette and safety to effective parenting, our sessions are an immense source of practical training and knowledge for our learners (and often their parents), encouraging a positive attitude and ensuring that they truly believe that happiness is a choice.

  1. Workshops on Personal Safety and Hygiene for Primary school
  2. Workshop on Growing Up for Primary school
  3. Workshop on Cyber Safety for Middle and Senior school
  4. Workshop on Bullying and Inclusion for Middle school
  5. Workshop on Substance Abuse for Senior school
  6. Workshop on Conflict Resolution for Middle and Senior school
  7. Workshop on Study Skills for Grades 10 and 12
  8. Sensitization and Inclusion workshop for teachers across school
  9. Workshop on POCSO for Faculty, Parents and Support staff
  10. Workshop on the Responsible Use of Social Media for Middle and Senior school
  11. Workshop on Cyber Safety for Middle and Senior school
  12. Workshop on Understanding Cyber Safety and the responsible use of social media for parents
  13. Workshop on Effective Parenting and understanding the generation gap for parents
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