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Saturday Sep 8th 2012 : World Literacy Day

Community Outreach at Inventure is all about making a DIFFERENCE in our Community and to reach out to the students of the Government schools in the vicinity. At Inventure, we believe it’s crucial to strengthen the Government schools as the vast majority of school going children populate them. We feel the need for private schools and people from more privileged background to partner with the Government and NGOs such as Akshara to fortify the Government school system. Inventure has worked hand in hand with Akshara Learning Foundation to transform the lives of these students.

 Give a fish and I eat for a day

Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime …This Chinese saying holds the spirit behind our community Outreach efforts. Inventure faculty and students of Grades 6 through 12 are zealously involved in this initiative and go out to the Schools on Saturdays to teach English at the schools. We also conduct sports based activities. It is not all one sided and Inventure students learn Kannada from the Government school students who are well versed in it.

Inventure’s wonderful parent community has joined force with this Outreach and has contributed tremendously. Some of the parents have donned on the roles of voluntary part time teachers at these schools whereas some of them are enriching the libraries at the Government schools.

An excerpt from a parent. Read on

Inspired by a visit to the Akshara Foundation, having met Arvind Venkatadri, Head of the Library Program, and armed with a hundred Kannada story books from Pratham Books, we landed at the Kannada section of the Government School, Akkithimanahalli, near Nanjappa Circle, Shanthi Nagar.  It was 10am on Saturday morning.

It was a day when the teachers had gone for a training program and the head master and a helper were manning the whole school of a hundred odd kid of grade 1-7.  As they were expecting us, the headmaster welcomed us and accepted the books.  I told him that I wanted Sahil and Varun to read a story to the kids of grade 1-3.  He entered the classroom where the kids of grade 1-3 were all seated together and slapped the first boy on his face, shouting at him to sit down.  With eyes like marbles, Sahil and Varun looked at me shell shocked!!!

Anyhow, the boys read out the Story of a Bubble to the children, in English.  I helped translate some parts in my broken Kannada.  The children were very happy to have us around. And it was probably a new experience for them and a welcome break from their monotony.

We took some group photographs.  They were mesmerised by the digital camera I carried.  By this time their mid day meal (sponsored by ISKON) arrived and they ran to queue up.  Before they left they asked us to come back “tomorrow”………!

Minimal facilities, from their homes and in their school….these kids mostly from slum homes around the area were somehow being taught something.  Our children, so privileged with limited value for everything they have.  What a contrast!  Varun, Sahil and I had a sizzling discussion on the way back home.

“Each one teach one”

The time has come for a sensitivity to be aroused in children who have so much, of what they can contribute, at their level, to those who have not!!

Tanya Bali

Inventure Academy Parent